Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Scamp Curtains

Why I didn't post on Monday...I've been busy! But the curtains for the Scamp are done just in time for a little trip this weekend. I used fabric from Emily Herrick's line, Rustique. I pinned it last year, and when I was looking through my pins to look for fabric, OF COURSE I had to use it. I mean, deer? In a camper? And in bold modern colors? Of course! I still might add a pillow or a little bunting, but at least the curtains are done. You know, the important stuff.


  1. love, love, love! they turned out fabulous. i can't wait to hear about your weekend camping trip!

  2. FUN! I need some ideas for our sailboat interior too.. I was thinking maybe some fun pillows? Maybe that would work with scamp too?

    Also, I also almost had 4 callings a few months ago, but they released me from 3 and called me to 1. phew! I may have whined slightly…

    Also, I used to do guess the temple and put the answer on the back of the program. I like the idea of fluorescent paper and activities for the kids though!

  3. ADORABLE both the curtains and the BOY!!!