Monday, July 6, 2015

Ollie's Backpack

After the pain of trying to find fabric that Ollie and I could agree on, I was able to start (and then finish) Ollie's backpack. I'm mostly happy with it. I should have interfaced the top zipper panel, but didn't so it's a little floppy. And one of the seams has a hole in it because of the way I interpreted the pattern (I'm blaming both of us: pattern creator and myself, but mostly myself). Otherwise, I'm pretty excited for preschool to start so he can wear it. I love the pocket I added on the side and am super pleased with the fabric. It was my first time sewing with piping, so yay me!

Pattern came from Made by Rae; find it here.


  1. Super cute! Ollie (and Rhett) are so lucky to have you as their mom!

  2. I love it - fabric, floopy zipper, and all! Tell me more about his preschool. When, how long, etc.? Is he excited?!