Friday, July 17, 2015

Random Thoughts

Obviously I'm going to put my touch on the inside of the Scamp, but how, exactly? Curtains, sure. But what else? If the camper was old, we'd paint the cabinet fronts. But as it's new, we're just not ready for that. I was thinking I'd hang a fun banner, but other than that, I just don't know. (The fabrics for the curtains arrived yesterday. They're ADORABLE.)

I saw this suntan lotion on a blog somewhere and, um, I want it. Does that make me crazy vain? I figure I can get a browner color without all the horrible sun rays, right? Although, I'm not 100% comfortable with artificial skin dyers. The orange skin color of the 90s keeps me from buying it. Well, that and Chuck.

When your whole family is driving somewhere, who drives? I pretty much always do, especially on long trips. Chuck is just such a better passenger. With his super-long arms, he's able to help the boys in ways I'm not.

I really want some white jeans. They just look so summery, right?

Of the two adults in my household, two ways to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches exist. Method 1: peanut butter on one slice of bread, jelly on the other. Smash together. Method 2: peanut butter on one slice, jelly on top of the peanut butter. Smash together. Clearly one is wrong. But which one? (And then there's this CRAZY alternative: peanut butter and jelly on BOTH slices of bread. Who does this?!)

My parents HAVE to go to Denmark next week for missionary work (some YSA activity for Scandinavians). Aren't their lives just terrible? I mean, Denmark, in July. Blech. You couldn't pay me money to do that. /endsarcasmfont

Meanwhile back in disgusting Maryland...Chuck and I set a big goal recently, a totally meaningful, important goal: watch the entire Seinfeld series from episode 1 to the end. It'll be hard, but with dedication, I know we can do it. We can do hard things!


  1. If you keep posting things like this I will weep for missing you!!!! Stop it right now.

    Totally get the tanning lotion! After reading the reviews I think 3 days of use would be sufficient. You can handle greasy stink for 3 days! And vain? Nah. How does it differ from getting a shirt that you feel awesome in?

    I think it's crazy that you always drive but thinking that you're crazy makes me feel very old-fashioned and lame. I like Marc to drive. I do MUCH better at attending to the kids.

    Seinfeld. Yes. Oh. Yes.

    PB&J - Method 1. Of course! Insanity is all other ways. Need we even mention the problem of cross-contamination between PB&J bottles if Method 2 is employed?

    I, too, want white jeans but know they would get trashed in 30 minutes with my kids. Food stains. Bah.

    So excited for your parents!

    Miss you!

  2. 1. I can't wait to see your Scamp. It looks so adorable.

    2. I used to always do the fake tanning lotion! But I can't bear the stink anymore! (And no, you're not vain at all).

    3. Brady always drives. Apparently he gets anxiety if he's not in control of the vehicle. He doesn't trust anyone but himself as a driver, including, apparently, me. haha.

    4. I have wanted some white jeans for a couple of years now but I can't find any that look good! I finally got some white pants, but I almost never wear them because, impractical.

    5. I of course do the normal method: PB on one slice and jelly on the other. Brady, however, does PB on both slices and then a third slice with jelly on both sides and sandwiched in the middle. Weirdo!

    6. so jealous of your parents. That's awesome.

    7. We made the same goal about seinfeld! Except then we remembered that season one wasn't our favorite (at least from what we remember) so we've just been watching random episodes here and there. Such a funny show.

  3. I still remember using a fake tanning lotion. The smell, even now I can remember it, makes me want to puke. I'm sure in the last 20 years, though, the lotion has improved!

    I don't know why, but I do think it's kind of weird that you drove the most of it. I would say Ben drives the majority, but only by a slight margin.

    Sorry, I don't like white jeans! But you'd probably look great in them. :) Although white is my favorite color of clothing. :)

    Uh, method 1 for PB and J sandwiches. I'm not sure I've heard of, nor thought of, any other way. :)

    I like reading your funny thoughts! If only I were so interesting . . .

  4. HI there-

    I'd totally try the lotion.........but agree, the smell is always weird.........let me know if this one smells like coconut instead!!! ;)

    AND.......No, thank heavens our new "van" is a road tripping machine, not my daily driver. Phew. LOVE the Scamper.............why didn't we think of that........Oh yeah, cause we are trying to put a 12 foot paddle board through the middle of ours!!! ;)

    Oh and swim team is AWESOME. I LOVED it as a kid, and I'm actually a pretty decent swimmer now because of all my pool days growing up in St. Louis. Totally hot and humid, what else would you do????

  5. I have white jeans they are reserved for date nights only.....still unsure if they are cute, but my friends lie to me and tell me they are.

    I ONLY drive when P is not with us, otherwise he ALWAYS drives, we both prefer it that way. He gives me anxiety and I likewise......;)

    PB on one side, Jelly on the other, SMASH.