Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Pretty Good Birthday

The older I get, the less important birthdays are. Which is exactly how it should be, right? But that also means I should be easier to please, and I am. My latest birthday was the best in recent memory (although four years ago when I was in the hospital with a one-day-old Ollie, that was pretty sweet).

I got to go to work late, which meant I got a good run in that morning.

As the day before I had made my new all-time favorite "food," I ate some of it for breakfast, because, hey, Rice Krispies are cereal.

Even being at my job was great because I'm working on a super fun (for statisticians like me, at least) project.

My three boys came to work to meet me for lunch, which was burgers, fries, and a shake at Shake Shack.

After lunch, I had a couple more hours to work on my super fun project.

Then it was time to meet the boys for the metro ride home (they stayed downtown and did something awesome that I'll document later).

Immediately upon returning home, we went straight to the pool and ate dinner there.

After the pool it was open presents, eat more rice krispie treats, and put the boys to bed.

Then Chuck and I settled down to watch a documentary on Antarctica.

Thanks to those of you texted me, emailed, or wished me a Facebook happy birthday. It all contributed to my pretty great day!

P.S. Lest you think it was without hitch, let me assure you that's not quite true. Apparently Chuck had quite the time getting the boys to agree to some coupons they gave me for my birthday. And let's not pretend that the little ones really even cared about my birthday except that for them it meant getting dessert. Let's also not pretend that Ollie, who even after multiple reminders to sit facing the table with his food over his plate, didn't do that and dropped his cupcake on the floor, which Bruno quickly (actually not quickly, he struggled with a marshmallow) gobbled. Which meant, of course, that Ollie immediately fell apart.

P.P.S. After much arm twisting, I did get two very lovely birthday cards from them.

Yes, that is a cannon shooting birthday cake. This is normal for seven-year-old boys, right? RIGHT?! Someone tell me it's normal!


  1. For an oldie, it does sound like a pretty great birthday. Yay!

    I'm dying at your cards. Hilarious. Man those are keepers for sure!

    I think the cannon shooting at a birthday cake is pretty "normal" for a 7-year old. :)

  2. You're worried about the cannon? I'd be worried about Ollie's thoughts on an endearing gift! :D