Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Characters I'm Older Than

Does this weird you out like it does me? Maybe I'm the only one, but sometimes I'll be watching TV and realize, holy moly, I'm older than that character/actor is.

Except for Coach, I'm now older than every actor in the first season of Cheers.

Except for Kramer, I'm now older than the other three main actors in Seinfeld from its first season.

On the final episode of Friends, I'm now older than Chandler, Rachel, and Joey.

When Full House premiered, I am now WAY older than all three adult men. And even when the show ended, I am still older than both uncles. But DJ has me by a year. Phew. Finally, someone that's older than I.

Also, I am ten years older than Tom Hanks when he made Splash and the same as as Eugene Levy in the same movie. Yep, this is the weird way in which I think about age.

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