Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Things Ollie Says

Ollie: I want that oreo.
Me: Well, your dad just ate the last one. It's in his stomach. How could you get it?
Ollie: I could turn myself into food and go get it!

Who knows what we were doing to deserve this...
Ollie: You parents stop acting like fools!

Upon waking up the day we left to get the Scamp...
Ollie: Yeah! Today is tomorrow!

Arriving at playgroup...
Ollie: Charlotte is here. Good grief.

During the dinner prayer...nearly a year before we hope to go to Germany...
Ollie: Please bless us to be good. Please bless us to have a safe car ride...WAIT. [Opens his eyes and asks in non-prayer voice] When we go to Germany, will we drive there or take a plane?
Chuck: Plane.
Ollie: [Back to prayer voice] Please bless us to have a safe plane ride to Germany.

And from the Sunbeams edition...
Teacher: What are some things you do at home with your family?
Ollie: POOP!

Teacher: What kinds of things do you pray for with your family?
Ollie: No more babies!
While this might be a prayer in my heart, it has NEVER been vocalized like this in front of the boys. I swear.


  1. Man, that kid! I love it! I love him!

  2. Oh my goodness I miss this boy and his antics!!!! He is true comedy. I especially like his Sunday lines.