Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Rehoboth Beach (a real one, not one of balls)

This past weekend we went to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. In the past we've picked Rehoboth because they have an awesome sandcastle contest the first weekend in August. Although we had initially reserved the first weekend in August for the beach, we had to reschedule because of my dad's helicopter event. But that's totally okay. We got there early Friday afternoon and immediately headed to the beach, even though it was sprinkling. Because there had been a storm the day before, the waves were CRAZY and so no swimming was even allowed. However, as anyone with kids knows, the beach is just one giant sandbox, so no one was disappointed. Neither was anyone disappointed when we left the beach for Funland.

Saturday we headed back to the beach. It was still overcast and windy, but at least we could swim and not worry about fierce sun rays. The waves were still huge, so we mostly just waded and jumped, but it was fun. And because we had tickets to burn, we went back to Funland.

Sunday we thought we'd stop by another beach nearby, Lewes Beach. It was beautiful! It's in a more-secluded bay so the waves were minuscule, but for my minuscule children, they were perfect. Also, fewer people here. Also, no boardwalk, fun/ridiculous shops, or Funland. So maybe next time we'll do a mix of both beaches.

And on the way home, we stopped for fresh, dairy-made ice cream. I'm pretty sure we could have all had one scoop and been fine, but we were seduced by the low prices (two scoops for only three dollars). Who are we kidding? I'm sure next time we'll make the same two-scoop choice. We turned it into our lunch.

Both mornings I got in beautiful runs on this awesome trail network. Saturday's eight miles were so amazing that I decided to do another six on Sunday, but probably should have scaled back Sunday's miles. I was tired. Ha. But this trail system made me super sad we didn't have bikes because it was a gorgeous, flat trail that Rhett would have had so much fun on. Another time!


  1. Wow, that sounds like a lovely weekend! And you look so cute and beachy in the pics. :)

    Perfect that you forgot your bikes - now you have a great excuse to go back!

  2. Awesome! Were you scampin' it or hotel?
    Looks like a blast!