Monday, August 24, 2015

Soap Operas and Bon Bons

Rhett starts school next Monday, and Ollie begins September 16th. That gives me three weeks to plan the perfect first day of FREEDOM. I will have four hours to do WHATEVER I WANT. Isn't this the dream since the day you had your first child? No? Well, it's been mine. And now it's coming true. Honestly, I think we'll all be happier because of it. (Now just pray that Ollie won't be kicked out of school because that won't end well for anyone.)

Of course not all of the days will be so luxurious. I hope to organize the house (the closets especially), make some freezer foods (quick lunches for the boys, and dinners for everyone), grocery shop ALONE, and accomplish other things. But all of those things can wait. I want my first kid-free day to be amazing. So what to do? Some ideas:

1. Run. Except that it's mid-September and waiting until 9:30 is just too late. So this probably won't happen.
2. Pedicure. Yep. This definitely will happen.
3. Lunch with Chuck. Dates where I don't need to get a babysitter? Yes please!
4. Haircut. It's been over a year since my last. It's probably about time.

What am I missing? Actually, that's probably enough, right? I mean, I don't want to overdo it on the very first day. Baby steps, self, baby steps.

P.S. While I'm handing out media recommendations (like the podcast I shared Friday), let me recommend a book: Kitchens of the Great Midwest. I really, really liked this book.


  1. Oh man, that is the dream! My only suggestion would be to do all of that with a friend! Wish it were me! We should plan to do lunch again one of these Saturdays.

    I love the idea of planning this. I think I'll have to plan out my first day of only 2 kids at home in the morning! It won't be as awesome, but it's a start!

  2. awesome - i hope it's everything you hope it to be! but, yes, i think your plans are good for the first day! and it's only 4 hours - i mean, that sounds incredible (and it is!), but it will go by fast. so i think your 4 things are perfect. oh maybe instead of a run at 9:30, go for a bike-ride. it's not as bad riding in the heat as it is running, i think.

    fun, fun, fun!

  3. P.S. That books looks great! I'm totally sold on the cover. Yes, I do judge books by their covers . . .

  4. Everything Star said. I am SO very excited for you. And I SO wish I could be there to share it with you. Well, except the date part with Chuck. Sounds like you have a great 4 hours planned. Maybe add a 1/2 hour of reading a good book? I'd put that on my list. Next week I will also have a few hours free but I think I will be painting a wall or hitting up thrift stores for furniture. Oh, you could also swim a lap or something to replace running? Maybe? Although that wouldn't be on my list of course. :) HAve fun! I know you will! ~Natalie