Monday, February 17, 2014

Snowstorm Prep List

I think I've mentioned that Marylanders go nuts when storms are predicted. There is a rush on the stores for three staples: bread, milk, and toilet paper. I wish I was lying. How long do these people think they'll be housebound? Two days, at most, right? And do they not have enough to make it through those two days? I know Mormons can be borderline hoarders with their food storage, but I still can't imagine not having enough on hand to avoid the crazy rush on grocery stores.

However, there are some things I do need for prep for being housebound for a couple of days. Here is my list:

1. Firewood. I don't plan on losing power (although that's a distinct possibility with our heavy, east coast snow), but if we're to be stuck inside, I want it warm and cozy. And if there's 16" of snow outside, I feel bad asking Chuck to go get it. But don't worry; I will if necessary.

2. Baking supplies. You know cookies will be made, right? So I better make sure my flour, sugar, and butter are stocked.

3. Adult refreshments for the end of the day. Being stuck inside with two boys who like to argue constantly requires the reemergence of a nightcap. For me, this was the aforementioned diet root beer and some red and blue tootsie rolls. For Chuck, Mountain Dew.

4. Activities for the boys. Sure, we have enough toys, in theory, to keep them busy. But you know how kids are, they don't want to play with any of them. So if playing in the snow doesn't last all day (which it did, thankfully, on Thursday), I must have some ideas for other things to do. Movies come to mind.

5. Activities for me. This includes shoveling (duh), but also things like craft projects or taxes.

6. A well-charged camera. For the following reasons:

Bad pictures taken at night, but you have to try, right?

Pictures of cute boys on Valentines Day morning.


  1. i think your list is excellent. :)

    those shirts are super cute! so love.

  2. Love the shirts! I love how crazy people get here, especially newscasters!

  3. Seems like a solid list. You should suggest it to the church welfare system as a guide. :D
    And the shirts are adorable! As are the boys inside them.

  4. You are having a way better winter than we are.

  5. Super cute boys, beautiful night time picture, great list and man I remember our first storm there and how freaky it was to stop by the store for something and there was nothing on the shelves.
    But then we were like...wait....we have food at home. Calm down. Phew!