Monday, October 14, 2013

Random Thoughts

I'm still furloughed, with little hope that it will be resolved soon. It's quite ridiculous, no? Yes. You'd think with the two child-free days during my week, that I'd be getting tons done. Wrong. I don't know what's wrong with me. I can't seem to discipline myself to do stuff. I think (I hope) it's just the "not knowing" or "not having" my schedule. When Ollie is in kindergarten, we'll know for sure.

I miss wearing a sock bun. I really miss it.

Tropical Storm Karen finally left our area, leaving more than 6" of rain. Ugh. Thankfully, no basement flooding this time, although the window well did get a little bit of pooling.

As feminist as I am, I do not believe I should be expected to kill bugs, mow the lawn, or siphon water from the window well. Call me a hypocrite. But I don't expect Chuck to jump at the chance of sewing Halloween costumes.

The end.


  1. So glad your basement didn't flood and so glad we missed the rain.

    I think you should try mowing the lawn. It's very cathartic. Just try it! Once! And I think Chuck would excel at sewing.

  2. :)

    i have some cousin-in-laws and the husband is an AMAZING seamstress. seamster? he makes the most amazing halloween costumes. it's crazy.

  3. I took a class in middle school where I had to learn to use a sewing machine. I wasn't very good, but I know I was better than erin would be at mowing the lawn. And yes, this is a challenge! If you mow the lawn, I will make Ollie's costume.

    1. really?! you don't think erin could mow the lawn decently? i gave erin a great idea for the "challenge." it might, just might, involve deception.

    2. Paying the neighbor doesn't count!

  4. Challenge! Challenge! Challenge!

  5. Seriously, Chucklas? You think you'd be better at it than Erin mowing? I too accept the challenge on Erin's behalf! ;) Mowing the lawn isn't that hard. I always side with the women anyways, but this time I feel like I have legitimate reasons...

  6. My mom is going to get artificial grass in her yard and she said she will just be so sad she can't mow the lawn anymore! I'm not interested though. And I DEFINITELY can't kill bugs. Ever.