Sunday, August 28, 2016

Europe 2016: Burg Eltz

And then it was our last day! My parents were off (although, from these pictures you wouldn't know it--what's wrong with me?!) and so they joined us on the trip. We were so happy they did! They love this castle, and it's their German boss's favorite one in all of Germany!

We took a short hike there, but didn't tell the boys to expect the castle around a bend.

As they were constantly running in front of us, I think they were surprised when they came in view of it!

We made them take the tour and of course they exaggerated their boredom, thirst, hunger, you-name-it, the entire time. I think Rhett enjoyed the creepy baby portraits where baby faces were painted on big-kid bodies.

Those bratwursts sticking out of the buns! Ha.

After this, we took a short trip to Cochem, a town on the Moselle River.

And can you believe it: as we left here, our last stop on our big tour, it started to rain. For the first time in 17 days. The weather was warm, but seasonal. We lucked out big time, in so many ways!

And that does it. No more pictures. I'll have to do a final wrap-up, but that will have to be later. The boys start school tomorrow! AAAHHHHHHHH!


  1. Although we weren't able to spend as much time with you as we would have liked to, it was just nice having you here. We're so glad that 2/3 of our family made it to Europe, but we are also glad the Ben and Emily are close enough that we see them regularly, too, when we're home. Thanks for coming!

  2. (Sorry Dad that we didn't make it! We would have loved to if we could have figured how to make it work for our family.)

    Looks like a great way to finish off your European trip - castle-ing. :) So awesome.

    It looks like a hamburger bun, no?

  3. This whole trip looks and sounds amazing. Except for the whiny boys, of course. ;) I love that you got to do this!