Thursday, August 25, 2016

Europe 2016: Prague

And then there was Prague. Our drive from Salzburg to Prague was filled with traffic, staredowns by the German border guards, and me doubting whether this side trip was worth it. I was this close to deciding it wasn't. That is, until we crossed the bridge. Holy moly if this wasn't the most beautiful city I'd ever seen. Immediately I was sold. I hadn't even gotten out of the car and already I didn't want to leave.

Once we got checked into our airbnb, we had to get out of the house, if not for just a short walk. Chuck and I were dying at the beauty; the boys, not so much. But with some encouragement (ahem, ice cream), they persisted. We walked by this street that was Prague's answer to Rodeo Drive. Insane.

The next morning we had an epic trek in front of us, so we started out early. First stop was the Charles Bridge. Sometimes I don't understand why things are famous, and uh, this was one of those things. Sure, the view was unbeatable, but the bridge itself? It was alright.

Ollie sporting his "Little Mole" hat that he just purchased. Apparently the "Little Mole" is some kind of national treasure.

We took a paddle boat ride for the boys.

But this view, not too shabby!

We took a cable car up to the top. We first went to this crazy mirror hall.

Can you see the shape of my body?! In my dreams. Or, just in crazy mirrors.

Then we hiked up approximately 280 stairs for this view. Pretty spectacular.

Then we walked toward the Prague Castle.

Czech beefeaters.

We went into the church, although the boys weren't too keen on going much farther than the first 50 feet.

And sometimes, kids just need to play! (This after our playground stop in the morning.)

Then Ollie and I went to this part of the castle where laborers lived. But everything was built in miniature. It was awesome.

I mean, look how big Ollie looks! Or, similarly, look how small the house looks!

Ollie was ready!

Prague wasn't just beautiful, it had this amazing feel to it. Our apartment wasn't air conditioned, so we left the windows opened at night. Through the whole night, we could hear people down below. We could even see the castle from our window. It was such a beautiful place. Chuck and I would love to spend a full week here...but without kids. One day.


  1. I'm loving all of these travel posts!! Prague looks amazing! I'm so impressed with all you're able to do with the boys in tow. What an amazing trip.

  2. I see now why Prague is on your trip-list - so beautiful!

    So what are European playgrounds like?! Just the same? Probably cooler, though, because everything in Europe is cooler. :)

    Glad you didn't let border-control turn you away!

  3. Great photos of your trip to Prague! Perhaps Prague (and Brugge, Belgium, are my two favorite cities which Mom and I have visited while we've lived here in Frankfurt!

  4. I have always wanted to go to Prague. It looks beautiful! And I love those Ollie-sized houses.

  5. Prague is on my LIST......LOVE to go, someday, probably without kids too!!