Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Europe 2016: Salzburg

Chuck's aunt moved to Austria right after college and married an Austrian man. They raised their family of six kids there, and they were kind enough to open their home to us for two days. In addition to the aunt and uncle, we were able to see four of Chuck's cousins! Weird that I've met zero cousins in America, but four in Austria.

We started with a tour of a salt mine (Salzburg? Salt City?). To get there, we walked across this river. Chuck's uncles kayaks on this multiple times a week. I just couldn't get over the color.

On the tour, we got to ride a little tram and wear fun jumpsuits and slide down wooden slides the miners used.Ollie loved his jumpsuit. Seriously. He wants me to make him one. And no, he's not that short; he's squatting, or something.

Then we walked around town. It was getting hot and the boys were getting fussy about towns. So we didn't get to see as much as we would have without kids.

But if I'm honest, the first time I was in Salzburg I didn't bother with going in Mozart's birthplace either. I was looking for a McDonald's. Ha. But at least this time I got a picture of it!

Ice cream. Always with the ice cream.

The town was really lovely and so were our hosts!


  1. So. Very. Cool! The jumpsuits are super cute - Rhett doesn't seem too pleased. :)

  2. Great photos of Salzburg! Mom and I, even though we have only three months left here in Europe, hope to make it to Salzburg before returning home.

  3. Trip of a lifetime....such BEAUTIFUL places......