Friday, August 26, 2016

Europe 2016: Rothenburg

We left Prague and headed to Rothenburg, Germany, where we met my parents. They were kind enough to get us a hotel room for the night so we could spend a bit more time there.

We spent more money here, shopping-for-stuff-wise than any other place on our entire trip, and most of it at this one Christmas store. You better believe my Rhett wanted every single nutcracker in there, but settled for two (one he won't even get until Christmas).

I did not, however, but a cuckoo clock.

Then, of course, a walk around town, but thankfully this town was much smaller than Prague.

That night we took a much-lauded nightwatchman's tour of the town. If you need a more-ringing endorsement than the fact that both of my boys LOVED it, then I don't know what will convince you. Rhett even wants to be a nightwatchman for Halloween.

And the tour guide? He was born to do this job! For reals. Google him if you don't believe me.

Can you see him (the guide) up there, leading a billion people around the town?

Hey, it's my sewing machine's great, great, grandfather!

The next morning we walked around town some more. I'm sure we spent more money.

The boys enjoyed walking around the walls of the city.

I enjoyed my dad's face.

Rhett begged to go to the medieval crime museum. This chair!

Okay. These shame masks? Hilarious! One of those is for women who talk too much. I know of no such woman.

And of course we had to study the school exhibit and learn some new techniques.

The town was gorgeous, and we all really enjoyed the stop. A special thanks to my parents for this leg of the trip!


  1. I love Rotheburg! Deanna could spend our life's savings in the Kathe Wolfhart Christmas store.

    We've also always wanted to go to Prague. After your endorsement it's definitely high on our list!

  2. Ohhhh, I like! What a fun town - even for the boys. :)

    The masks are hilarious. I want some for my home!

    Does Rhett like purposely not smile in the pictures - is that like his signature pose?!

    What were the nutcrackers he got?

  3. What a great two days we had in Rothenburg! Just Thursday Mom and I bought a Night Watchman "smoker" for ourselves at the Wohlfahrt outlet at Ramstein AFB while I was having a medical check-up there.