Friday, August 19, 2016

Europe 2016: Heidelberg/Maulbronn/Tubingen

The next day, still with my parents, we headed south to Heidelberg. The boys really disliked castle tours, but oh well. We were in Germany. Sorry boys. But all four adults really enjoyed it!

I don't even know how much money was spent on ice cream. A hundred dollars? Maybe. But it was worth it.

Then we headed to Maulbronn, site of a nearly thousand-year-old abbey. I loved it.

These choir seats are just so amazing to me.

When in a church, meditation is always appropriate.

Finally, my parents joined us as far as Tubingen, after which they headed back to Frankfurt and we stayed the night. This little town was awesome! It was such a surprise. I'd go back here again. And in a ringing endorsement, so would my parents! (I think.)

Rhett was thrilled to be in another gorgeous German town.

The town sits on a river, one you could get boats and be oared down, much like in Venice. We, sadly, arrived too late for boating.



  1. So very cool - those places/sites are just so neat!

    I do love the striped twins - funny! Actually everyone but Chuck had stripes. Even funnier.

    You got great pictures!

  2. I want to live in this little town! It looks perfect!

    Boo on the boys for not liking castle tours. What's not to like?

  3. We loved accompanying all of you through this very beautiful city. Remember the great Italian dinner we enjoyed while there? Probably not enough time left to return, though.