Thursday, August 18, 2016

Europe 2016: Rhine River Cruise

The next day, Friday, my parents got to take off and wanted to spend it with us cruising on the Rhine, and we were happy to oblige. We had a great day with beautiful weather.

Castles and vineyards...we'll see this view again in about a week.

Our return boat had a little playground on it, which was great because that trip was upstream and longer. We were all happier for it.

Germans and their campers! They have so many campsites right along the river. We saw so many trailers. Our little Scamp would have been right at home.

AAHHH!! I stayed in that castle (the one above my head) as a freshly-graduated 22-year-old! There's a hostel in there!

I'm not ashamed at the kindle time the boys got. Tradeoffs.

Kind of a weird face on me, but oh well.

At the turn-around point, we spent time in Rheinfels castle. It was in ruins, which was all the better for two little boys. They loved crawling in, on, and through. Even my mom was a good sport and went through the teeny-tiny tunnels with us. (This is not one, they were much, much smaller.)

I think we need one of these at the house.

Some cute old people. :)

Oh, this is also the day we almost lost Ollie's piggie. Against our judgment, he brought her along and we thought we lost her somewhere up in the ruins. Knowing we'd miss the boat if we went back up for it, we were all about in tears over the loss of the pig (for many different reasons). BUT miracle of miracles! He was just sitting on her. Crisis averted. PHEW.


  1. That looked like an awesome day! Did you see anything ugly on your trip?! :)

  2. So awesome. I would have loved exploring the castle ruins. What a fun trip!

  3. What a great kick-off to your European adventure! It would have been fun to have had the whole family together for such a trip. And, to think, Erin, you had actually stayed in one of the castles there on the Rhine after you had graduated from the U Of U. It was a nice day.