Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Made by e--Baby and Bruno Items

These little taggie baby crinkles, as inspired by this.

A set of pillowcases in "dog-themed-yet-completely-tacky" fabric. I'm pretty good at changing my own bed linens, but now am inspired to do better for the pug.

Some ties for a one-year-old. I gave two as baby shower gifts and have the other two. Maybe they're destined for the Etsy shop, or future baby shower gifts. We'll see.


  1. everything is totally cute. i love the crinkles - a brilliant idea.

    the pillowcase is great, too. is that what bruno sleeps on? in his crate? i need to do that for wilson. tacky is fun, sometimes.

    and your ties turned out great, too. i love seeing them on little boys. so cute. are you going to trim the fray, or leave them like that? also, what will you do with the elastic - sew them together? snaps?

  2. So cute! Where did you get the pattern for the ties? Or did you make them up? I want to know!!! Makes a darling gift!