Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let's Play Jeopardy!

I am going to give you some answers, and in true Jeopardy-fashion, you'll test your knowledge in getting the correct questions. Won't it be fun?!

Answer #1: 14 1/2 months

Question #1: What is how old Rhett was when people started asking when we were having another baby? Correct! And since then (about one month ago) people can't stop asking. What I secretly want to tell them when they ask is, "Well, about nine months from last night! Hubba hubba!" But that might make people too uncomfortable; probably about as uncomfortable as people are when they're asked when the next baby is coming.

Answer #2: Not at all successful.

Question #2: What is how successful were Chuck and I at getting Rhett to try his first ice cream cone from McDs? Correct! Honestly, could this even be my child? Turning down a McDonald's ice cream cone? I'm having serious doubts.

Answer #3: Raccoon.

Question #3: What is the animal I most resemble now? Correct! I admit that 90% of the time I'm outside, I'm wearing sunglasses; but 98% of that time, they're on top of my head. So where did these crazy raccoon eyes come from?! (By the way, I just realized I totally have my mom's eyes. WEirD!)

Answer #4: About 102 degrees.

Question #4: What is the average temperature of my sick little boy since Sunday? Sadly, correct. Poor baby. Poorer Chuck.

How'd you do?


  1. poor little sweetheart! And the baby, lol! Just kidding. It's so hard when a child that young is sick; they can't tell you where it hurts, and they don't understand that you are trying to help them feel better. Hope he's all better soon!

  2. um not really great. but it was fun nonetheless. he's still running temps? blech. hopefully he'll get better soon. he's cute, sick, though.

    and "hubba hubba." nice.

  3. I love the "9 months from last night" answer. I think I'm going to start using that. For me, I think Stratton was 11 months when I first started getting that question. But, then again, I live in Utah. . . .

  4. I would totally respond with the 9 months from last night answer, but then again, my baby is going to be 3 in a few months and really no-one has asked, SHOCKING isn't it??? Although I do have 2, maybe that's why, you can't have only ONE of course!!!! ;)