Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend at the Beach

I love schedules and routines, especially when they concern Rhett. However, I have to learn that sometimes it's okay if he doesn't nap. (I know, I know; everyone else in the world seems to know this but me. I'm slow.) This weekend strengthened my testimony of that. When we were turned away from our hotel, thereby missing Friday's afternoon nap, I was pretty devastated (I needed that nap too!). But shortly after arriving at the beach, my fears were allayed. Rhett was pretty stoked to be playing in the giant sandbox (We drove how far and for how long and in how much traffic just to play in a sandbox?! Kidding. Kind of.), whilst Chuck and I enjoyed the waves and people watching. In case you were wondering: Chuck is definitely the better boogie boarder of the two of us. We played at FunLand, ate good food, and saw the sculptures. Good times had by all. The only regret is that given a TV with cable (which we don't have at home), what do I watch? Only one hour of a show I'd seen the day before on Hulu. Totally depressing.

On the way home, we stopped at a dairy farm that makes its own ice cream. Can you say delicious? I had the chocolate banana walnut, Chuck had the peanut butter ripple, and plain chocolate for the little guy. Check out the last pictures; think he liked it?


  1. i think he LOVED the ice cream, and it does sound delicious!!! fun day.

  2. it sounded great talking to you - and now the pictures make it look even better! i love all the rides!!