Monday, April 25, 2011

Latest Crafting Bonanza

I know I'm ridiculous, but I like when Chuck and Rhett dress similarly for Father's Day. (See the evidence here.) I loved it so much last year, that I wanted to carry on the tradition this year.

But this year I wanted bow ties. I found a cute pattern while I was in Utah, paid too much for it, and drooled over all the cute little boy ties it had. I also found a cute pattern for a little boy hat to accompany the bow tie. After months of looking for the right fabric, I found it and got to work. The bow tie was so satisfying that I made another right then for church the next day. First is my "I-can't-wait-until-Father's-Day-for-Rhett-to-wear-it" bow tie.

And here are both ties (the black one might just turn into an Easter tie) and the matching hat.

Also, for a friend's going-away party/baby shower, I made her a Buttercup bag like the one I made for myself. It was my way of saying, "Hey, you're going to have a baby and that's great, but don't forget that you're still a woman. A dang cool woman. And while it might take time before you and hubby go out sans baby and you wearing clothes with no spit-up, don't worry, it will happen. And here's your reminder." Lame? Maybe. But I still like the bag.

The last time we camped, I dreamed of having most of the kitchen stuff ready to go. So this past week we worked on putting together our camping bucket. It's got all the random junk (trash bags, matches, etc.) that I never seem to remember to bring when we go. Of course I had to put on a cute vinyl sticker (cut by the Silhouette).

And into this camping bucket went a couple of bags into which I put our cooking utensils. I made one for the clean ones and another for the dirty ones. I really wanted to put a silhouette of a cute girl on the "clean" bag and a silhouette of a sexier girl on the "dirty" bag (think trucker mud flaps), but then Chuck reminded me that I'm trying to raise respectable young men. So maybe it was not the best idea. A Google image search of "girl silhouette" was enough to convince me he was correct.

Then, I went a bit crazy and made some totally cute diaper covers. Dana (at her blog Made) does such amazing stuff, including giving such a great tutorial for these covers. Seriously, I love babies' bums (not in a sick-o way; I promise). I think these are such a great non-blanket use for flannel. Plus, I was really inspired by this post over at the Idea Room about newborn photos that I had to have a diaper cover for Betamax all ready. Random fact: the photographer who guest wrote this post...I kinda know her through two channels. First, my sis-in-law really knows her and second, a couple in my previous ward was her sister/SIL. So we're totally friends.

And then, of course, I needed coordinating baby booties for the diaper covers. So I made some of those too. Thanks to Joanna from Stardustshoes for the tutorial.

And just for fun...I had some scraps of Con-Tact paper leftover from another project. I thought making funny faces on Rhett would be a great way to spend the morning. And Rhett? Well he didn't hate it. I highly recommend doing it to your kids, especially the babies.


  1. everything is beyond amazing. oh i love them all so much. the bow ties are fantastic! the bag is really great, too - i think it's a perfect gift. and oh those diaper covers. whoa adorable. and the shoes!!!

    and we all LOVED rhett's adorable sticker-faces. my kids thought they were great. what a brilliant idea.

    you are super-duper talented. i love it.

  2. Love it all. You are the intersection of creativity, utility, and craftiness. Brilliant.

  3. everything looks awesome! Nice work!! I like the matchiness for dad and son. Cute!

  4. NOT LAME! I love love love LOVE it and the reasoning behind it. Man, what will I do without you and Natalie?!?!?!
    I'll email you everyday.

    Love, Nikki

  5. Aren't you just the cutest little camper EVER! We are just sending out an email about camping BTW :)

    Those diaper covers and booties are precious! You are amazing and always an inspiration. Can I be like you when I grow up? :)