Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hey! We Grew Something!

Chuck and I have dreams of one day having a lovely garden in our backyard. You know a place where we grow Fun-Dip and freshly baked whole wheat bread. For whatever reasons, it has yet to happen. This year we were close, but man, I am sure glad we didn't. Can you imagine me out there weeding, with this body, in this heat and humidity? Uh no.

When Rhett planted a squash seed during preschool and brought it home in a cup, we kept watering it just for fun. But then it grew. And kept growing. And then Chuck transferred it outside where we have a little unused dirt. And then it turned into this:

And on the plant grew these:

And then Rhett appropriately used one as a phone:

Phone call may or may not have been made to a monster in our house wherein Rhett was tricking the monster by having the monster mow the lawn and then we'd lock him out. Sneaky sneaky!


  1. That's awesome! Garden bounty without full intentions! And you should grow zucchini. Just imagine the conversations Rhett could have with those babies!

  2. so, so, so, so cool - both the plant and the phone call. :) just so awesome!