Friday, July 29, 2011

Shallow Thoughts by erin

Have you ever avoided cleaning something because you thought it would take too long or too much hard work, but when you finally did it, you saw it took about 10 minutes and used no deodorant at all? I do this all of the time. Seriously, always.

Let's say you're getting on a Metro elevator. (Note for those of you who have never ridden D.C.'s Metro system: The elevators have two levels only.) You get in the elevator and there are two buttons: "M" and "P" with no other text besides them. You're trying to get on a train to go downtown. Which button do you push? Or let's say you're done with work and you want to get to where your car is. Same question: which button do you push? Just what do those buttons stand for??

I'm about to inherit a much newer iPod than the one I have now (my Laurels would be happy). But I've never ventured into the world of apps. Any recommendations?

You know how if you're napping on the couch, you wake to drool on the pillow? Come on, admit it. But what I don't get is why do I drool only during naptime? Or is it that I drool just as I'm falling asleep regardless of whether it's for a nap or night, but with naps I don't have enough time to let it dry, but with nighttime sleep, I do. What say ye?

If Congress and the President can't agree on this debt ceiling thing, then it's possible...AGAIN...that I might be furloughed. Thank goodness this one comes at an okay time. And thank goodness for savings. Sheesh. And I thought government jobs were stable! Silly me.

Rhett's request for a story last night: "Tell me a story about a little boy who hit his dad and then maggots ate his fingers."

Penultimately: My sister rules. She sent me a birthday package (with instructions that I may open it at any time) full of my favorite things: Hot Tamales, Air Heads, and Luna bars. Perfect for the delivery room...if they last that long. Is "penultimately" a word? Oh well. I don't care.

Finally, how can Blogger still not recognize "internet" as spelled correctly?


  1. that "internet" thing happened to me the other day. I was like, wha????

    I think I took the elevator in the metro like once, so I'm not super familiar with the M and P buttons, but that is BEWILDERING!!!!!

    The drool...I don't know...but I do it too. Feels so good. Feels like I got a great nap.

    BIRTHDAY! DELIVERY ROOM!!! EXCITING!!! I hope to get one of those texts or something, too, that are like, we're going in, or it's starting, or two birthdays at once!!

    How is rhett doing with all the new baby stuff? And chuck?? and bruno??

  2. i think m is for mezzanine and p is for platform. at least that is my best guess.

    i feel for you during this pregnancy erini. i'm glad you are winding down to the end. :)

    emily rocks!

  3. when we check on our kids before heading to bed ourselves, the boys have sometimes drooled - so i guess it does happen during nighttime sleep as well. but funny.

    always with cleaning. especially dishes. they look so daunting, but hardly take more than 10 minutes.

    did rhett like the story you gave him. that would be a great title for a children's book. . . not.

    glad i rock. but only cuz you do.

    can't wait to hear about betamax!

  4. unknowing westerner here...m would be for metro, meaning down and p would be for parking meaning up? right? perhaps not, i dunno!

    don't get me started on the government.

    birthdays and giving birthdays rule! can't you hear me cheering for you all the way over here?

    i'm no help in the drool department. it happens, but it's very rare for me.

    no advice on an ipod. mine is old school for sure.

    how does rhett know what maggots are anyway?