Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Know I Said I Liked Natural Disasters...

...but I prefer them of the "non-scary" variety. Maybe you heard about D.C.'s 5.9 earthquake yesterday, probably because D.C.'ites love to overreact about everything. And maybe you even remember when we had a small earthquake last summer. I loved that one.

But yesterday's was different. I was home and all other adults were gone. Ollie and I were doing laundry while Rhett was "napping." When the shaking started, I simply thought the washing machine was unbalanced. It was soon clear that this was not just the washing machine; that's when the freaking out started. (It was also when I started hearing crashing upstairs, mind you.) I was downstairs, you know, the floor upon which first floors have been known to collapse. Not only was I downstairs, but I was downstairs holding my newborn son while my three-year-old was upstairs, clueless as to what was going on.

Yes, yes; I'm fully guilty of freaking out when (thankfully) nothing bad happened. But I'm also fully guilty of just wanting to make sure my little boys were okay. So sue me.

Bring it on, Hurricane Irene! (And by "bring it on" I mean, bring on a rainstorm that doesn't flood my basement or cut my electricity, but does bring some fun thunder and/or lightning and maybe some good puddles for Rhett.)


  1. No one can fault you for going into "momma bear" mode and freaking out about the kidlets! And who would've thought you'd leave Utah and THEN be in an earthquake? Anyway, glad you're all safe.

  2. crazy for sure! glad you are all okay and no major damage.

  3. I have been terrified of earthquakes since I was 11. I remember sitting in my 6th grade class and my teacher talking about earthquakes and how Utah is overdue for a big BIG earthquake and that 13th east is right along the fault line. I didn't sleep for many nights, I would go into my parents room. To get me out of doing that I always had to have my dog sleep in my room with me.

    Zack makes fun of me all the time because of this but I say that a fear of earthquakes is a pretty legitimate fear. Glad to hear you are okay. I would have freaked out...esp. knowing your are home alone with your precious little boys. Yikes!

  4. crazy!!!!!! glad everything's okay.

  5. so. not. cool.

    and melissa is totally right about the "momma bear."

    and i totally have to agree with emily, too! oh i so remember "them" scaring me about earthquakes in elementary school.