Monday, August 22, 2011


Bruno's food container. We started with a hideous plastic thing when we lived in the apartment because we didn't want squirrels on the porch but nor did we want a bag of dog food in the apartment. When we moved into the house, we just kept it in the same hideous plastic thing. But when I saw Kiki's tutorial here, well, we've been looking for that canister ever since. We finally found it the Saturday before Ollie's arrival and I Silhouette-vinyl'd it that very same day. I'm super pleased with it.

Chuck painted the boys' room the week before Ollie was born, so then we were ready to hang the curtains. Now it's just a matter of moving the boys into the room (which won't happen until after my parents come and go). I love how the grey walls turned out. I saw this absolutely lovely room and just copied the color, since I thought it was perfect. And hey, Marylanders, anyone looking for a queen-sized bed?

When I couldn't find Rhett's old burp cloths, I wasn't that sad because HELLO! Another project!

Chuck recently acquired a new iPad2. I don't often get to do projects for Chuck (if you think little boys are hard enough, try adult boys), so when he asked me to make a cover for his new toy, I quickly said yes. A quick internet search led me to Candice's tutorial here and I adapted it for the iPad.

And just for fun, one pic of Ollie:


  1. While the iPad cover is a close second, that Ollie sure is adorable!

  2. cute everything!!! I love that wall color! We need to get things done in our babe's room. someday. someday.

  3. Ollie sure is looking cute! He and Rhett are your best "projects!"

    Also, we might be interested in the bed. I'll check with Jeff. We've had a full our entire marriage and a queen would be steppin' up.

  4. everything is just great. and, yep, that last picture is definitely your lastest and bestest project.

  5. I saw that gray room too and was trying to decide if the bunks were worth the effort. I liked the space-saving-ess though.

    an iPad2, eh? we have a 1st gen and it gets used way more than I thought it would by more members of the family than I thought it would. For good or ill. (think way too much screen time this summer for a certain 5yo boy...) 18mo Hazel actually "discovered" that you can make folders by dragging apps on top of eachother. who knew? And now that I've discovered the Kindle book app and the word look-up features, Georgette Heyer (check her out if you haven't already) is so much better to read the scattering of Regency English words. I'm thinking I might need to get my own real Kindle. I feel guilty when I'm using "Matt's iPad" in the evening when he wants to browse while watching a show after a long days work. And because we lost our Roku remote, it is also the remote control. BUT we discovered that I can hit play from anywhere in the house and it still works.

    Okay, enough rambling from me! and what a cute baby! I love onesies.