Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shallow Thoughts by erin

1. Do you wet the toothbrush before you use it? And if so, before or after the toothpaste application?

2. Do you know what the terms "rising junior" or "rising sophomore" mean? Have you ever used the terms?

3. Swimming: did you do it? And I mean, was it a large part of your growing up? Did you have a membership to a pool and/or belong to a swim team?

4. Do you catch the bugs in your house? If not, what do you do with them if your bug catcher isn't home when a bug is found?

P.S. I promise an update of what's happening here, but you know...


  1. Oh I love these posts!

    1- Yes. With warm water too.
    2- No, I haven't heard of them. But I am going to assume it means that that is the grade you will be in. Maybe kids say it the summer between years?
    3- Did I do it? As in this summer or when? But the answer is yes. I love swimming.

  2. 1. I wet the toothbrush before I put toothpaste on.
    2. I've heard of them, thought they meant the same as was Emily said and no, I haven't ever used those terms.
    3. I swam occasionally at the pool for fun, but never regularly as on a swim team or anything.
    4. I seem to often be the bug catcher in our home, except on the rare occasions that Todd is actually here when one is spotted. And by "catch" I really mean "kill". I don't let my kids kill bugs when we're outside, but if it's in my house it gets a swift execution.

  3. 1. i mix up what i do with water - sometimes at the beginning (which could be either before or after toothpaste application), other times at middle, and still other times at the end. silly me.

    2. we chatted about this one. :)

    3. not a big swimmer. but, remember, we used to go to that pool - alta canyon something or other it was called? i think we had gotten passes at least a couple of years? right? but i'd say it wasn't a large part of my growing up.

  4. Oh, I like these, too!

    1. I wet it before it goes in my mouth. It doesn't matter if it is before or after the toothpaste.

    2. I believe the terms are used for kids between grades. So at the end of the school year when one grade is completed but the next grade hasn't begun, then you would use the term "rising"

    3. I did not do it regularly growing up. We never had a pool membership and rarely went to the pool. However, we swam in the lake anytime it was warm and we took the boat out.

    4. I'm not the bug person in our house and depending on how threatening the bug is my actions can vary. If it is a nasty looking spider, I kill on sight (but I don't tell Al because I want him to continue to be the bug killer). If it is a stink bug, I let it continue to fly around until Al gets home or Lillee wants to play with it.

  5. I always put the water on the toothbrush after the toothpaste :)

    I am NOT a pool person. As a result I have a 7 1/2 year old who really can't swim- which is really lame. I don't really like getting wet, so for me the pool is hot and boring. In MC swim teams seem to be a huge deal though. I always resisted because it is such a HUGE time commitment, and again, I can't see myself at the pool for great stretches of time. However, we have a pool just a few blocks from our house in MD, so I just might jump on the pool/swimteam band wagon. We shall see.

  6. Never leaving us without entertainment or thought, Erin... even without updating posts.

    1. Wet before toothpaste, then after, then in my mouth.

    2. Yep, heard of them, and used the terms.

    3. Small, above ground pool when I was growing up in the yard and swim lessons for about 3 or 4 years when young. And boating, lots of swimming in lakes.

    4. I kill most of the bugs. But if it was a cockroach, I go terrified crazy! I arm myself with RAID and cower in a corner. Now with kids, I think I'd just evacuate the home until Marc can take care of it. But otherwise, I take care of the bugs - even the ones Madeleine "takes care of" (in hands, pockets, and jars) and I eventually have to dispose of them.

  7. 1. i wet the toothbrush before and after. seems more frothy or cleanable to me

    2. no way. what is it?

    3. I've always been a swimmer. love the water. maybe that's why I want to have a baby in the water! we've always either had a community pool or one at our house. I was on swim team in 6th grade and used to get 3rd place in the butterfly all the time. but then I quit and that's too bad.

    4. BUGS are so scary to me. I hate the look of them. If one is found and it's not TOO big or scary, I might get it, but usually I yell or scream and get up on the counter. I make monte get it. he's a bug eater.

    I do feel really guilty killing anything though and prefer for them to be put outside. I kind of love all living things.

  8. 1. Yes. Before and again after.
    2. Never heard of rising junior or sophomore. I don't know what they mean, but I'd guess it means they are going places? Like high achievers? Maybe?
    3. Yes we had swim lessons and then when we moved to ut we got passes for the park with the pool. Never on the swim team though. And I swim now!
    4. Yes, sometimes I kill them if I have to. Or I will vacuum them up. We spray down here for bugs, so usually they are dead when we find them, or they will be!!

  9. 1. Yes, just like my sis, BOTH before and after
    2. Heard of them, I assume like others they mean the year they will be going into......Never actually used the term/s
    3. Yes, swimming lessons, was actually on a swim team, have had passes every year since becoming a mother, and I swim for exercise too
    4. Yes, I kill them if I have too, sometimes I make Mitt (7) and if he won't I'll ask Major (4) and if neither of them will, I usually just do it. ;)

  10. 1. usually before the paste, sometimes after if I forget or sometimes if I'm in a hurry I don't. how consistent is that? for the kids I usually don't. (paste on, line the brushes up, call them in one by one or two by two)

    2. umh, the rising freshman senator from New York or something? never really thought of it.

    3. swimming in an 8' diam 2.5 deep metal trough was our backyard summer pool. a real swimming experience was few and far between. I took lessons at a county rec dept for two summers when I was 8 or 9 I think. never joined a club.

    My kids? swimming lessons every summer so far once they are 3. (we don't have anything younger here, but MNCPPC does cuz that's where Evalyn's first one was!) I even got in the action to learn to swim freestyle this summer for a triathlon I did last week. It is HARD to swim and breathe at the same time. At the actually race day, I abandoned my still inadequate freestyle and did the backstroke for all 10 laps. It was a stake "Tri Your Best" triathlon, a very good way to start. I have lots of room for improvement. :) But my almost 4yo girl is a little fish and I foresee many years of swim team and hot poolsides in my future....

    4. If it's a black widow spider in a not highly traveled location, I wait for Matt. I abhor black widows. All other bugs and spiders I usually ignore, (they really don't bother me) or if it's too close for comfort or threatening someone I do the cup and cardstock/junkmail method of cover and slide paper under then release in toilet or outdoors depending on specimen and proximity and current benevolence. sometimes I will just smash with a wad of something, usually a tissue/TP. houseflies annoy me but I am terrible at hitting them. Ants drive me crazy but they apparently plan on invading any house I live in and after months of putting out Terro traps to only have a few weeks of abatement, I usually give up by this time of year and just wait for the cold weather to force them into hibernation. I moat the cat food bowl in water and isolate and moat the sugar and honey. I HATE ants.