Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rhett Update

The other day I was cooing with baby Oliver when I looked over at Rhett, who was sitting on the couch "reading" a book. He had stopped reading and was looking at me with the saddest eyes I've ever seen on his face. I immediately started crying for this poor boy whose life had been upended with the addition of a new baby. Even now, it makes me cry just thinking about that sad face of his, and his what-he-thinks-is-sad new reality.

And sad he is. As much as we try to make time for him and do fun things for him, it'll likely never be enough--simply because it will never be 100% again. Sadly, I think he understands this. On some level, my poor older child knows that from here on out, he has to share his parents with a crying, pooping, sleeping baby. His life is hard right now. (Of course Rhett doesn't think of poor Oliver who will only get his parents to himself at a time when he doesn't want parents at all!)

How's he dealing with it? As expected. Thankfully he's gentle with Ollie; it's my buttons he's pushing. He knows what angers me (yelling in the house, running in the house, opening the door during a time-out, not obeying, etc.) and he does all of these things with such intensity that it's maddening.

But through this, I'm still so glad to have him around. I didn't expect this, but oh, how I do! When Rhett was a baby, I was so bored most of the time. I had no idea how to entertain a child who couldn't even see 12" in front of his face. But now, I have Rhett to entertain me while Ollie is doing his baby thing. I am so relieved that even through Rhett's antics, I can enjoy having two sons.

Here is what Rhett is up to (between button pushing): Acting. Oh my land. The boy absolutely loves to act. In fact, if he makes noise before 6:00 a.m. Rhett Daylight Time (6:30 a.m. EDT), his punishment is that he doesn't get to act for the day; that's how much he loves it. What does he act out? His books, of course! His favorite is anything by Berenstain Bears. More often than not, it's the "In the Dark" or "Messy Room." Chuck LOVES (sarcasm anyone?) acting as Bears because he frequently gets cast as Sister Bear. I get to be Mama Bear and Rhett is always Brother Bear; in fact, on Monday we made a trip to the thrift store to get a red shirt and blue pants--you know, so Rhett can have Brother's outfit (it was totally Rhett's idea). In addition to the Bears, he loves acting out any story of Frog and Toad. He's always Frog. Chuck or I gets to be Toad. As repetitive as this acting can be, he loves it, so we do it.

Also, he loves playing with anything Little People. We found this Little People set at the thrift store and gave it to him one time-out-free day and he just loves it. He makes up stories, sends people to time out, has police chases...anything. I love the kid's imagination and am quite happy to sit around and just listen to him.

Finally, he has really grown to love music, especially kid music. But he has some variety in his taste. For example, he loves the song "Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door" by Guns 'n' Roses. That's right: my boy is listening to some Axl and Slash. Although I shouldn't be, I am pretty happy about this.

So while yes, in some ways having Rhett around has been hard because he has been acting out, but in other ways it's been so nice to have the little dude around. Chuck and I love both our boys!

The prince and the pea?

Eating birthday cake batter.

Although we didn't know it, this picture was taken only hours before Ollie joined us. Look at that belly! And my sing-a-ma-jig birthday present.

At the hospital.

How this kid plays. The cars are lined up for some crazy reason.



  1. It definitely has to be hard to have your whole world taken but they are going to be best of friends in no time! Every boy needs a brother to get into trouble with! may have mentioned this in another post and I missed it but you did make your hospital gown right?! I am so happy for you that you did. It looks awesome! Who says you can't be cute while in labor?!

  2. emily--i didn't make the gown after all. it seemed like too much work and too much fabric for a one-time wear. plus, i got lazy and tired at the end. :) what i'm wearing in that pic with rhett is something my SIL linda gave me for after delivery. i loved it. it made me feel so much better than being in some yucky hospital gown.

  3. Great updates! Two is better than one! It's like ying and yang... where M is horrible, S is a doll. Where S is lame/boring, M is entertaining. Whew! Thank goodness, I say.

  4. man that rhett kid is a hoot. i so wished i could have headed out with mom and dad to visit you all, too! :( mom and dad can dote on rhett and hopefully that will help a little bit.

  5. hahahahah this is all just great!!!

  6. how fun! what a swell kid your Rhett is. I love the acting. And of course you know his jealousy is temporary. Having a sibling is the greatest gift you can give your kid, even if it doesn't seem like it to either of you for awhile. At this precise moment I have two at home while the older two are at school. When Hazel is napping and I only have my almost 4yo around, she really gets bored and wants to know when her sister will be awake. Of course when Hazel was born she didn't think it was a good thing at all. Now, they are the best playmates. I imagine you are already anticipating those days. All in good time....

  7. PS re kid music: have you tried Elizabeth Mitchell (My fav is You Are My Little Bird album) or Frances England? I can listen to most Elizabeth Mitchell for awhile, not so with Frances England. Frances I need to mix up with other things, but she has some great ones out there. Daddi-o is a fun one, and will definitely get stuck in your head.