Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Week in Review

What to say? Actually, my problem is what NOT to say.

1. Rhett. Sometimes he's absolutely lovely and completely understanding of what has happened to him. But other times, oh boy. Who can blame him? This is the biggest change he's ever had to deal with in his short three years. We're trying to be understanding, but that doesn't mean we can ignore the hitting or kicking (us; not the baby, thankfully). I think he'll be okay though. We're definitely trying to get in the "mom and me" or "dad and me" time, and yesterday we even got a Frosty out of it.

2. Bruno. Certainly gets the worst of it. Poor thing hasn't been on a walk in weeks until yesterday morning. He's getting chubby. As soon as I feel up to longer walks, Bruno will definitely be joining me.

3. Chuck. He's really been the superstar through all of this. Last night was the first night I gave Ollie a middle-of-the-night feeding, and it wasn't even that middle of the night. He's been up with Ollie for every single thing since Ollie was born (which means that I've been getting full nights of sleep--totally helping my recovery).  He's played hours of Little People with Rhett. He's taken Rhett to church, the park,swimming, and likely the movies today. He's incredibly supportive and helpful and just completely amazing. AND he doesn't have to go to work for nearly two more weeks. Everyone (and I mean everyone) should be this lucky.

4. Me. I can't believe how much better this recovery has been compared to Rhett's. With Rhett, I could barely walk for what felt like weeks; this time, I was fine two days later. (But as before, my first trip out was to KMart; why oh why do I continue to go there? How I detest that store.) With Rhett, I felt like my whole world had changed, and mostly for the worse. This time, life's pretty much as it was, just now with two lovely little boys instead of one. It's just been amazing and such a tremendous blessing to feel as good as I do.

5. Ollie. Sweet, sweet Ollie. For obvious reasons, Chuck and I have so much more confidence about this one than we did with Rhett. With Rhett, we relied very much on books and people to tell us what we should be doing. But this time, I think we trust ourselves so much more. I don't know; maybe we're not that different, but it just feels different because we're not doubting ourselves and our decisions all of the time. It's nice. He's a great little baby who is napping well during the day and sleeping at night. He gets a little fussy come evenings, when he wants to be held. I can't complain about having to hold a sweet infant though.

6. Everyone else. Seriously, I feel so guilty about accepting everything that everyone gives us! There are so many more that need help when compared to us. I mean, I have a husband who is home for weeks. As soon as he goes back to work, my parents come to stay. And beyond that, Chuck's parents are 3.5 miles away. Meals? Got that covered. We have the fridge more full than it's ever been and a freezer that's packed with frozen dinners. Rhett? Again, with two adults, we're good. If Chuck was back at work, I could see needing the help, but really, we have only two kids and it's totally manageable when both are home! I just feel so dang lucky. If I wasn't so sure we were done, I might consider having another--just not in August.

Ollie's first successful thumb sucking.

Ollie's first tummy time. The kid doesn't actually hate it! This one is going to love stomach sleeping.

Grandpa came for a visit!


  1. WOW, you sound wonderful! I'm glad this has been such a positive experience. The 2nd is definitely easier than the first, for all the reasons you're confident, you know what to do and if not you know where to look or which phone number to dial :)

    Chuck is amazing! He should offer some husband classes to the EQ :)

    Enjoy this time, it passes quickly. Record every possible second in your memory bank, because, as you know, babies grow fast.

    Once again, we're so happy for you guys! Are you guys considering your fall camping trip? The first time we took Isabel camping, she was 2 months was much easier than when she was more mobile and aware at 6 months :)

  2. awesome pictures of your sweetie. and great update, too. and, really, i can't believe how good you got it! i mean, you totally deserve it and all (all postpartum women do, right!), but wow you've got it good. i'm glad you got chuck around. what good timing - tho the summer-thing did kind of suck.

    how often is chuck feeding him during the night? do you sleep thru it all, or do you awaken?

    and i'm so glad you're feeling tons better. i was so amazed at the difference between the 1st and 2nd births. so great!

    keep the updates and pictures coming. i can't get enough. . .

  3. I love the sweetness about your husband. What a great guy he is!!!! I'm so excited to experience this with Collin.

    so cool how confident you guys are with babe #2. I'll probably be asking YOU lots and lots of questions :) :)

    what a cutie! man, you seem so so happy, Erin. I'm so happy for you.

  4. Very jealous of how your husband is so available to help you! I still am not getting continuous sleep at night and I only see Chase on weekends. Are you bottle-feeding then? I am glad you are taking advantage of the help!

    Its hard with the older kid though. People will tell you all sorts of things about giving them 'mommy and me' time and trying to get them to help and stuff, but I think they just need time. It is a HUGE change for them. They are used to being the star of the world and it takes a while to get over that, understandably.

  5. Oh he's sweet. I'm SOOOOOO happy to hear that things are going so well. I do remember that now that you mention it, Mitt totally seemed to take things out on us when he was frustrated, but never (thankfully) the baby, so that is familiar. It's like they know exactly who's fault it is. They'll be best of buds soon enough, mark my word.

    CONGRATS again. May you continue to feel better and better and may little Ollie get bigger and bigger. ;)

  6. (Natalie - not Dennis - again... sheesh. Computers.)

    Soooo awesome to hear that all is well! So, this makes me feel so UNguilty about not getting you meals and not visiting you. Although I will do both as soon as I can!

    Cheers to Chuck and hugs to little Rhett - huge changes for these guys! Oh, and you... pretty big deal! Except, as you say, so much more confident/comfortable this second time around! Hooray1