Monday, August 8, 2011

Maternity Leave: Things to Not Take Advantage of Ever Again

  • Not needing four pillows (one for head, one body pillow, and two for feet raising) in bed
  • Not needing wrist braces (well, I still do, but some day, maybe...)
  • Being able to reach things (like from cabinets or the sink) because belly is no longer in the way
  • Wearing normal clothes
  • Running and exercising
  • Being able to sit like a lady
  • Being able to use my lap for things (like holding children or binders)
  • Not having a basketball on my lap or hanging from my body at all times
  • Being able to wrap a towel around my body and be covered
  • Sleeping on my stomach!


  1. so very true.

    and so very cute - the picture. your 2 sweet little guys. :)

  2. The picture is adorable!!!!! I think it is so fun to watch older kids with new baby siblings. So sweet!