Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's the Little Things

All the gratitude posts I see on Facebook this month seem to be of the obvious type. You know, "I'm thankful for my husband" or "I'm thankful to have a job." Of course I too am thankful for these things. I have a great husband and, well, a job. I'm thankful for my boys and that they are happy and healthy little children with functioning brains and all of their limbs. But c'mon. Isn't it much more fun to think about the not-so-obvious things for which we're grateful? Such as:

The perfectly reheated leftover. Not too hot, not too cold.

When the top rack of the dishwasher gets full at the same exact time as the bottom part.

(We interrupt that to bring this: ACK! I have TWO boys! Sorry, but sometimes, this still creeps up on me.)

Freegal, the free music resource available through my county library. What? Three free MP3s each week? I'll take it!

Socks that actually fit my feet. No more heels half way up my calf!

And, finally, the sock bun. What a wonder it is for my hair.

The end.

Wait. Check out this video of my brother. Does the comment about him being an adult strike you as funny, because it does me. Anyway, the video is long with a lot of snow, but it's also kind of mesmerizing at the same time.


  1. I don't know why you haven't posted these on FB yet. ;) And the dishwasher rack thing... I'm so rarely blessed in that department. But oh how I love it when it works out!

    Also... so the sock bun. It's workin' eh? I need to give it a try. But I think my hair is not long enough...

  2. awesome about the socks - super thankfulness for sure!

    our top is always full since it's where we put our bowls. the bottom usually only fills up when we have people over for dinner and use our plates. i totally know what you mean about it.

    are you wearing the sock bun as a bun or are you using it for wavy hair?

    i just finished the ski video. pretty cool! yeah, who was the "kid" who took it - is he really a kid? he's probably 30 and still considers himself a kid. . .

    anyways, i like your list.

  3. okay, i stand corrected. the "kid" is, indeed a kid. he did great work on that video. impressive!