Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Does anyone else look at a dishwasher full of clean dishes waiting to be put away and a sink full of dirty ones waiting to be washed and think, "UGH. There goes my night." Then, of course, you do them and it takes, oh, seven minutes? Yeah. I totally do this.


  1. Spot on. I love how you vocalize every thought that is in my head.

    This concept holds true for nearly all household chores for me: cleaning up toys, cleaning the bathroom, folding laundry, putting away laundry, tidying up the kitchen,... playing with kids - filling their meters. Not that the last is a chore but...

    Oh, except cleaning the bathtub. That always takes as long as I think it takes.

  2. The real question is, who doesn't do this?! I always force myself to do them and, like you, it never takes as long as I think it will and I'm ALWAYS glad to have it done. But still,!

  3. ha, exactly. i think ben, though, thinks this way more than me. :)

  4. Dishes are my #1 dreaded chore. I KNOW I should empty the dishwasher in the AM and fill it throughout the day, but I rarely do that. I'm far too lazy. We've also been trying having one person do dishes while the other parent helps the kids get ready for bed. I usually take the dishes just to have a break from the craziness. Most of the time the dishes are done before we do family scriptures. The kids go to bed and the dishes are done and all of a sudden we have so much more time in the evening!

    Just this week I started having Axton help put dishes away. I reorganized my cupboards so I now have a "kid cupboard." Axton puts all the kid dishes away, plus things like cutting boards, utensils, and pots. He really likes doing it! I also have the kids setting the table for most meals. They get the dishes themselves. They can pick the color so there is less drama (although there are plenty of fights over the pink dishes!).

  5. ughhhh i HATE unloading!!!! I could load all day and night! but unloading?? horrible. So then if collin doesn't do it, it just piles and piles up. silly me, I should just unload. Even when I do, I just pile the unloaded on the counter to be put away another time. It's the worst! (and probably why I LOVE cleaning, but there are a million little piles of things to be put away all over my house!!)