Wednesday, July 31, 2013

All About Me Week: The Pinched Nerve (or so I thought)

I am cursing the day I made the running sash. The prototypes were too big and when I ran with them, they fell off my shoulders. So I developed a run wherein my shoulder popped up to (almost) meet my ear. I woke up Friday mornings (usually the days after I ran with the sash) and my shoulders and neck would be sore. But then it got worse. I started having some sharp pain and a numb right thumb. But happily the sharp pain went away weeks ago, never to return. But sadly the numbness is spreading. I feel it a lot in my thumb and pointer finger, as well as up and down my arm. It's worse with certain activities (using a computer mouse among them), and falling asleep hasn't been easy (although, thankfully, staying asleep has been).

I went to the neurologist right before we left for Utah, and he was able to diagnose me with a C6 pinched nerve. Awesome. Until I went back on Monday to a different neurologist who doesn't think it's a pinched nerve. He thinks it's either an irritated nerve or an ideo-blah-blibbity-blah. (So much medical jargon; who can keep track?) Tomorrow I go back for an EMG--something the doctor called "uncomfortable" which we all know means "pretty darn painful." All I know is my body hurts. But I guess it could be worse, eh?

P.S. Dude. The eight-inch donut was awesome. As if there was any reason to doubt it.


  1. dang, i'm so sorry! what a bummer about your arm/hand. i hope, though, that it all gets figured out. and that the EMG (your maiden initials!) isn't so bad.

    wowzers on that donut! so cool! and great picture, too!

  2. Eek! Pain. You tough woman, keeping it mum. So sorry! Good luck with diagnosis!

    Yummmmm, do.nut.

  3. I had no idea, sorry to hear the of the pain in your neck. The donut is awesome!

  4. Oh that's awful. Boo. I hope the pain goes away soon!

  5. MISERABLE. I HOPE you had at least 2 doughnuts to compensate for the pain. Crossing my fingers they figure our a diagnosis and CURE rapido!!!