Friday, September 20, 2013

Kindergarten Update

Today concludes Rhett's fourth week in kindergarten. I almost feel like he's a different boy! After we got through the rough week that was filled with tantrums, things have much improved. We're all learning that Rhett needs some "chill out" time when he gets home; he needs a snack and then to either sit and listen to audio books, play on the computer, or watch some TV. The tired kid needs a break. Since we've been giving it to him, our tantrum frequency has greatly reduced.

In other changes, he seems bigger somehow. He was running the other day and his body just seemed to move in a more kid-like manner, rather than toddler or weird as it sounds. But he just seemed smoother. We attribute this to recess (his favorite class) and P.E.

Also, his drawing has improved greatly. This is probably due to the fact that he's actually doing it. He never had much interest in drawing or coloring before, but because it's much of what he does in school, it's getting so much better. I mean, not only did he remember arms (a frequent omission previously), but he got the rain boots and legs and umbrella! All on his own. (This was Tuesday night's homework.)

Finally, this boy who can be sometimes difficult at home, but almost always lovely for others, has continued this at school. He tries, and succeeds, at paying attention, listening, and obeying. He struggles with the kids who are disobeying and just Monday he told me about his new friend who is "just like me." This friend listens and stays on task. Let's just hope this ability to choose good friends continues for, oh, the next 13-17 years!

So far, so good kindergarten!

This just in! When I came home from work on Thursday, I was greeted by an award-winning kindergartner! Rhett was the only one in his class to get an award for "Great job being a leader when working with others." How soon is too soon to start bragging? Oops. Too late.

Before we regret it, I'm already planning our next camping trip: October 18-19. Anyone have that Friday night free and want to join us? We're thinking Tuckahoe this time. And remember, Friday the kids don't have school so you can cross the Bay Bridge during the day with (hopefully) little traffic.


  1. Kid drawings are the best, his is great!

  2. sorry, i've been so busy today and we're heading out camping in like 10 minutes. but i love the post! what a good boy is rhett! maybe school is like totally his thang. :) so cool. his drawing is great.