Monday, September 23, 2013

Le Weekend

Friday: We decided to surprise the kids with an outdoor dinner of hot dogs and s'mores over the fire pit. And then we were even more fun parents by having a movie night. Aren't we awesome? (Don't worry; it doesn't last.)

Saturday: It was our One-on-One day, and I had Rhett. I decided to take him downtown to the National Book Festival. He made his own book, rode in a stagecoach (not sure how this is "book"-themed, but whatever), played PBSKids games, listened to some authors, and even stood in the rain for an hour to get a book signed. We took advantage of being on the mall and stopped in for a bit at the Natural History museum. I loved that jelly. Chuck took Ollie to a Curious George thing and had a dance party. Good times.

Sunday: But come Sunday, everyone is exhausted. We are simply not nice people by this point. It was not a happy day. But like one of my favorite all-time heroines, I can say that, "tomorrow is another day."


  1. totally sounds like a fun friday and saturday. sundays are sometimes my breaking point, too. but i bet the kids will mostly remember the fridays and saturdays of their lives, right? hopefully!

    oh, and awesome autograph! so cool.

  2. Sundays are ALWAYS a hard day here too!!! I'm hopeful that's not always the case!