Friday, September 27, 2013

This is How Low They Can Go

We are going camping today. I am preparing by lowering my expectations, much lower than they've ever been.

1. We will sleep not at all!
2. The kids will whine about all food served!
3. The weather will be horrible and rainy and we'll be stuck inside the tent...which will fall down on us in the middle of the night!
4. Skunks will spray us!
5. We will fall in the water and the camera will be drowned!
6. The campground will lose our reservation and we'll be stuck on the road!
7. The kids will complain on our entire tenth of a mile hike!

I have to be happy when I'm expecting so little, right?

P.S. I first wrote the above without the exclamation points, but then saw that it needed them.


  1. the exclamations are totally necessary and perfect. and, hey, if there is just 1 expectation that gets exceeded, then it will already be better than you thought! and i'm betting on a skunk not spraying you, so i think it will already turn out better. have fun!

  2. I agree. Lower expectations is the way to go. Can't wait to hear how it turns out!

  3. So glad you used appropriate exclamation points. I'm sure this trip will exceed your expectations. :)

    Remind me to do my punctuation skit for you someday.

  4. I hoping this trip has NONE of those occurrences and you can come back with great reports but yes...lowering expectations is VERY! important when camping. {I haven't gone in so long----}