Friday, September 6, 2013

Thoughts on Kindergarten

You know how when you have your first kid, everyone tells you that it's hard, but they don't quite tell you why? I think a main reason for that is because it's so different for everyone. I'm going through another transition with Rhett starting kindergarten (although not nearly as life-changing as giving birth) and no one warned me about the difficulties. So many things to think and worry about...things I didn't anticipate.

1. I feel like I'm forgetting things all the time. Did we do homework? Did we read? Did we mark it all on the calendar? Did I get his water bottle in his lunch? Did I look in his folder?
2. Sometimes I'm afraid that I'll forget Rhett too! Just forget to pick him up from school and my poor little buddy will be sitting there wondering where I am.
3. Do I really have to pack a lunch every day? And by every day, I mean four days a week, since he gets to pick one day for hot lunch.
4. Just what does the PTA actually do? Do I have to join?
5. So. Much. Paperwork. And all of it requesting the same information.
6. And finally, when (and how) do you teach your kids about matching clothes? Rhett loves to wear striped polos with plaid shorts. Every day.


  1. It will all become habit within a few months.:) I wrap all of my kids clothes in "rolls" (pants, shirt, underwear) and put them individually in a shoe organizer and they got to "choose" which roll they want to wear. I have received some push back over the years but they are usually too lazy to fight it. I hope you're having fun in Alaska!

  2. This is why I am so glad that Rhett is one year ahead of Axton. Thank you for sharing all of this!

  3. Word on what Star said. Sounds like a lot of changes and a lot to remember! And Traci has always been pretty adept at matching clothes surprisingly. Maybe a girl thing?

  4. I match outfits together and hang on ONE hanger, each day my kiddo can CHOOSE any hanger they want, but the pieces were put together by ME. SO......... I know it'll work and they still get to choose.... WIN WIN for an OCD mom!!! ;)

  5. My brain is so foggy lately I feel like I'm always forgetting something (of course I blame it on having a 4 month old), I'm so glad I'm not the only one!