Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Top 5 Desired Callings

I know you're not supposed to "want" callings. But c'mon. It's not like I want these for prestige or honor. I just think they're (a) easy or (b) fun! Here are what I consider to be a marriage of both:

1. Finance Clerk. Because this is the numbers-heaviest calling outside of Church Statistician, I have to go with it.
2. Ward Clerk. I don't even really know what a ward clerk does exactly, but I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy it. And pretty sure I'd rock it.
3. Sacrament/Relief Society Bulletin Editor. This is my current calling--score! It requires a bit of computer work and a trip to the church every Friday to make the copies. Then I get to leave the programs on the Bishop's desk...right next to the decreasingly-full jar of candy.
4. Librarian. I get out of Sunday School AND I get to organize stuff?! Win win!
5. Relief Society Teacher. What's better than a Sunday-only calling? A once-every-fourth-Sunday-only calling! I'll take it.

Apparently Activity Day Girls is quite desirable, but I know nothing about it. Are there others I'm missing?

P.S. This job is perfect for me, no? So mad I don't live in Oakland.


  1. sounds like a great list for you! i think you'd be pretty awesome for activity days, too.

  2. For some reason you failed to put YW counselor. That must have been omitted by mistake.

  3. Good list!! On of my favorite callings is Relief Society activities committee member. Otherwise known as the party planning committee. This is like an every 3 month calling. Woo!

  4. So funny because for the most part those are callings I wouldn't want. I love my nursery calling. I get snacks and I get to miss class and I get to teach and sing. To each their own! -like that scripture analogy of a body. Maybe I'm an elbow?

  5. can we make a least desired list. Sunday School teacher (j's current calling)...... Primary chorister

  6. What could be better than working with Design Mom?? You should consider moving to Oakland!!