Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pop Quiz

1. Is my cold due to...
(a) being on four planes for who knows how many hours with who knows how many sickies,
(b) losing lots of sleep due to lots of red-eye flights, or
(c) standing in wet, cold Alaska for three days straight?

(The following are free-response.)
2. Where oh where is my camera charger?!?!

3. Will Ollie sleep until we have to leave for school? Answer: YES! I had to wake him at 8:40. This kid (and his mom) is tired.


  1. Umm can I answer all of the above for #1?

    Don't know about your charger. Bummer! Someone will take pics and share I bet! Even though that is totally annoying.

    When we move I'm gonna have to move Molly to AM kinder and I'm gonna have to wake her up too. I know it! She loves to sleep in. Wish I didn't have to!

  2. 1. My bet is b>a>c. So, you liked Alaska a lot then? Also, we can be sickies together - I have a 2 week old lingering cough. Should fro-yo serve as an appropriate therapeutic?

    2. So sorry.

    3. Wow! A sleeper-inner! That never happens to you guys, right?

    Welcome back!

  3. yay for ollie! that is crazy cool. i know it won't last, but enjoy its rarity as i'm sure you are. sweet, tired boy. :)