Monday, September 2, 2013

Kindergarten (again)

Remember when Rhett started kindergarten and it seemed to be going well? I typed too soon. At school, Rhett is doing great. He's staying on "green" ("red" is a trip to the principal's office!), he's earning tickets (for good behavior, presumably), and bringing home exciting work. He's even tried to stop food fights at the cafeteria. (Seriously, kindergartners?! Food fights the very first week?!) But apparently this is exhausting work for a 5.5-year old. It must be because every day the little man comes home just filled with tantrums. Filled. To the brim. Every day this week we've seen the Wrath of Rhett unleashed. It's not pretty, y'all.

But what to do? I mean, he already has a 7:00 o'clock bedtime. Any earlier and he'd never get dinner. And my boys wake with the sun, no matter what black-out shades we use. I guess I could start petitioning the schools for mandatory nap/rest time for kindergartners. But I'm sure in this liberal state of mine, it would be laughed out. "Kids need math! Kids need writing!" they'd say. And a 4:00 o'clock nap? Uh, no. His bedtime would be the same as mine, and we all know how selfish I am with "my" time (besides, he wouldn't be gaining ground on the hours of sleep, just splitting them up).

Do we just wait it out? Will he adjust? Will Chuck and I be forced to put him time out from the second he gets home until bedtime just because we know how horrible he will be? It's been a hard week. I'm ready for a vacation. (Which is awesome because I'm about to get one...if traveling alone on two long-ish plane flights with a two-year-old can ever be called vacation.)

P.S. Ollie is funny. He's learning that sometimes he needs "breaks." The other day we were walking to get Rhett at school, and Ollie informed me, "I need a break, Mom." He sits down on the grass, pants a little bit, and then says, "Okay. I ready." Love this kid. Love both kids. I just want one day of no tears nor tantrums.

P.P.S. Right. Like I'd be happy with one day. I want a life of no tears nor tantrums.

P.P.P.S. Suh-weet. It's September.


  1. Poor Rhett and poor you! Maybe he needs some relaxing time when he comes home, you know like TV or computer? (I am totally prescribing what most people shy away from, but I remember I always needed veg time when I got home from school). And big bowl of ice cream.

    But I have no idea and you may already be doing that, but I hope things ease up.

  2. I'm so sorry, that is rough. Hope he's doing better.
    I just sadly realized the other day that I will probably not get a tear free day with my 5 year old until she moves out of this house.