Wednesday, October 23, 2013

An Intra-Marital Challenge

Did you see Chuck's audacity in issuing me a challenge last week?! I never! My own husband, no less. But let me tell you under what conditions that challenge will be accepted. First, it will not be more than two weeks (and six inches of rain) after the last mow. Second, it will not be on a job that needs bagging. Lawn mowing with bagging is like Lawn Mowing 501--you know, upper-division mowing. No freshman jumps into those upper-division classes, and neither will I.

However, should the opportunity present itself, I will be happy to forgo my lifelong goal of dying without mowing in order to take on this challenge. And he will sew a Babe the Blue Ox costume. And I will win.

P.S. Or I won't. Ha.


  1. really, you never mowed at home? like, mom and dad's home growing up?

    1. nope. the boys or dad or you, but i never did.

  2. Gah! No bagging?! Seriously? I didn't even know that mowing without bagging existed until I moved East! You softie... I don't even know if I can have any more feminist conversations with you anymore! ;)