Friday, October 4, 2013

Out of the Mouth of Ollie

Now that Ollie is really getting this talking thing down, we're beginning to get some gems. Like this beauty from last week:

Me: Who loves you, Ollie?
Ollie: Mom.
Me: Who else?
Ollie: Rhett.
Me: Who else?
Ollie: Dad.
Me: Who else?
Ollie: Grandma and Grandpa.
Me: Who else?
Me: What about Jesus?
Ollie: Nope.
Me: Yes! Yes, He does. Jesus loves you.
Ollie: Nope. He scary.

I guess we've got some work to do.


  1. love his get-up. was that rhett's? it looks great on ollie.

    i'm not quite sure what to see about the conversation . . . i sort of feel . . . bad . . . to say it's funny. but it pretty much is. i wonder why he said/thinks that!

    oh, and tell him auntie-em loves him, too!

  2. this made me laugh so hard!!! he is too cute!

  3. That's pretty funny. You have time........;)