Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Test Run

Remember when I said that I would have no problem filling my child-free days once both boys were in school? Yesterday, I got an early chance to find out, thanks to a bunch of dummies congress members. Because we didn't get word on the shutdown until the middle of the night, we planned to take Ollie to the babysitter's like a regular work day. But of course, I didn't actually have to work. In fact, I am commanded to NOT work. So not work I did.

What did I do? Well, we spent the morning getting the boys ready for school and babysitter's. Once they were dropped off, I went for a good long-ish run (wherein I saw two sets of furloughed friends and some crazy lady), showered, and then spent a little time working on the Donut Dash and a Thanksgiving craft-thingy. Then I had to rush off to have lunch with my husband. I found it quite appropriate that we chose to eat at "Hard Times Cafe." (You know, because I'm furloughed and all.) By the time I got home, I barely had time to re-check email, vacuum the house, change the boys' sheets, and read the newspaper. I didn't even brush my teeth until right before kindergarten pickup (moms of new babies shout out!). Whew. I'm tired. I need more time away from the boys.

P.S. More time I might get! The superintendent of schools wants to add 30 minutes to the elementary school day. Can't wait for those tantrums.

P.P.S. I am totally convinced that the thing that "earned" me my slice of apple pie yesterday was the changing of bunk bed sheets, not the six miles I ran. Those of you with bunk beds, you're with me, right?

P.P.P.S. Of course I write this post quite light-heartedly. Chuck and I are very fortunate that although my income makes a big difference to our family, it doesn't break us to not have it (just breaks our regular, college, and retirement savings) . Chuck's job is not federal, so he can keep working and getting paid. We definitely feel blessed, as there are many for whom this is not their situation.


  1. Wow, I'm glad you just barely had time to get one thing done. Whew.

    Bunkbed sheets!!! So true. I don't do it. It's a Jeff job, unless he is out of town.

    Brushing teeth... yeah, Jeff knows that if my breath is fresh when he gets home it's because I just got around to it. Sad, but true.

  2. sounds like a cool day to me. lunch with the hubs sounds pretty great!

    can your school just add 30 minutes just like that? when would it happen? would he go earlier or stay later? when does he go now?

    will you be back at work tomorrow?

  3. yes bunkbeds are a work out! I'm loving the time with my hubs--though it we could do this WITH a paycheck it'd be HEAVEN.

    I"m with you on the "think there's lots of time while the kids are gone'...not so true.