Monday, October 7, 2013

Second Annual Donut Dash

We did it again. After all the work and prep and lessons learned from last year, how could we not? But get this: it wasn't as much fun this year. Apparently I really like all the planning. Making lists, brainstorming, coming up with fun ideas = super super fun time for me. But redoing what I have already done? Meh. But we did it anyway and hopefully people had fun.

At least the people that weren't carried away on a stretcher, into an ambulance, to a hospital. That's right: We had a runner down. I repeat: a runner was down. Was it the intense heat? Low 80s in October, so wrong. Was it the intense humidity? Probably into the 90s on the wooded trail. Was it the donut eaten at the half-way point? Of course not, don't be silly. Eating donuts while running is always a good and safe idea. For whatever reason(s) a good friend went down about 1/10th mile from the finish line. I am happy to report that after her day in the hospital, she is recovering well.

Will we do it again? Uh, probably not, but not because of the downed runner. Like I said, it just wasn't as much fun for me this year. And of course, it's all about me. I think we'll focus on British New Year's or Pi Day 2015. Don't worry; there is planning a-plenty to keep us busy.

P.S. The government is still shut down, but it looks like I'm going to get paid regardless. And if I'm going to get paid, so is our babysitter. And if the babysitter is going to get paid, well, she's going to be doing some babysitting. And if she's babysitting Ollie and Rhett's at school, that leaves me...home...alone. Oh I can get used to this.


  1. AWESOME.....I'd been curious as to your current state with the shutdown and all...YAY. Maybe it's not so bad after all, at least for you and yours!!!

  2. still a bummer about you friend, but glad all is well now. maybe someone else will carry on your donut-dash tradition?

    can't wait to hear what you do!