Friday, October 25, 2013

I Can't Be the Only One This Happens To

Ever since we got the new-to-us CRV, I've had problems with my hair. My hair, which is perpetually in a ponytail, does not like this new car. I think my Subaru's headrest must have had a hole in the middle, but this one does not and now I'm always poking the ponytail into the headrest. (This is where you say, "Oooh, this is one of those posts wherein I find out Erin must be doing okay, because if this is the biggest of her woes, she's alright." And you'd be right.) Seriously though, it's annoying. Really annoying.

Because the Car Talk guys can't even solve my problem, I had to resort to Deb. That girl might just be on to something.

P.S. Chuck and I further channeled our inner Napoleon and inner Deb on Pumpkin Day. Chuck may or may not have wasted me at tetherball. Take a guess at the outcome.

P.P.S. I think I saw Napoleon Dynamite three (THREE!) times in the theater.


  1. i like the side-pony. i think you look great in it!

    thanks for the car-talk link. awesome.

    super cute halloween decor going on behind ya. how cute and craft are you!

  2. yes! and don't even get me started on airplane seats and their uncomfortable head rest area.

    i also noticed the cute decor and how your piano is essentially decor. get ready, rhett! that piano is gonna get use someday!

  3. OH MAN, hair and cars is the WORST!!!!!