Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Recent Parenting Fails

Because Ollie gets tired on the walk to/fro school and he's just too heavy for me to carry for longer than a minute, I almost always put him in a stroller. The other day, Rhett wanted to push said stroller. Being too lazy to buckle Ollie in, I didn't. Sure enough, Rhett hits a curb and Ollie topples right now. I'm a good mom!

On a recent Tuesday, I came home from work to find Rhett wearing really short pants. I mean, really short pants (but clearly not actual shorts). I asked if he had worn those pants all day and received an affirmative answer. Later I pulled out these pants to make sure they don't go back into the rotation and what do I find? Take a guess. That's right: Rhett wore Ollie's pants. Size 24 months. Sigh. To my credit, this was a dad fail as I had left for work before the boys were even awake.

Speaking of pants, Rhett put his on backwards the other day. After repeated requests for him to change were ignored, I stopped asking. It wasn't until we were walking out the door that Rhett decided it was time to change them. Too late buddy! Yep, my son wore his pants backwards on a non-"Backwards Pants" day. Thankfully he's in Kindergarten and I'm sure this fashion faux pas went unnoticed, perhaps even lauded.


  1. awesome. those are some great mishaps. i wish, though, that we had some pics. "wait, ollie, stay there crying on the curb. i'll pick you up after i get the picture."

  2. ha ha! These seem pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things. You are a great mom!! I've had way worse than this :) ha!

  3. Ha ha.......I've had all of the above mentioned mom/dad fails, so no worries, in fact my FIRST grader doesn't seem to care his pants are backwards 25% of the time! Aiyiyi

  4. Axton went to school with his pants tucked into his socks the other day. I didn't stop him. I'm also thinking his colorblindness might have something to do with his matching skills when it comes to clothes.

    Also, Axton's preschool had a halloween parade today. I was the ONLY parent without a camera or smart phone. Bringing a 2 year old and 6 month old in costumes was enough for me.