Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Anniversary Trip

Chuck and I are coming up on our 10th anniversary. Even though the actual anniversary is in December, we're thinking that we might be able to swing a child-free summer trip. (Why summer? I don't want to go to a beach and that's about the only thing that sounds good in December. Well that or New Zealand, and we don't have the time or the money for that. How child-free? Grandparents! Super awesome, up-for-anything grandparents!) But we honestly cannot decide where to go. I know I know, our lives are hard.

So tell me, where's the coolest place you've been, including international destinations? What's the place that you most want to visit? I won't tell you what I've been thinking so as to not taint the sample. But just give us something to consider. Anything. Please.

P.S. Here's a fun one of Ollie. Once he was dressed this way, he told me he was ready to go play in the snow.

P.P.S. Speaking of snow, this is what's happening down the highway from my brother's house. Isn't it insane?!


  1. Ok fun places I have been: Vancouver, Canada and another favorite was our Europe trip. I loved Vienna and my other favorite was surprisingly Bled, Slovenia. Surprising because you never hear of anyone going to Slovenia. But I'm soooo happy we did. Google some images of it. Gorgeous. Good luck deciding! Those are fun but hard decisions!

    Crazy about the ice dam in AK!! How do you even begin to fix that?? Is Derek able to get in and out of his home still?

  2. Downtown Detroit; other than that I have nothing.

  3. well, i got nothing to offer you of course. my extent of world-wide travel includes canada and mexico.

    the coolest place i've been in the usofa . . . ? gosh i don't know. no where you haven't been, though, that's for sure. :)

    so good luck and hopefully your cooler friends will pull through for you. can't wait to hear what you decide!

  4. Is Dad serious? What's he talking about? Is he being funny? Even if not, I think he's funny!

  5. You don't want to go to a beach? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?? I'm kidding of course, but seriously...a beach is about all I can think of right now in this FREEEEZING cold weather.

    I might be biased because I am half-Norwegian but I absolutely loved Norway in August. It is such a beautiful country and I think you would love the fjords because you're so outdoorsy. And so much good seafood!! If you like that kind of thing. I would never, ever go there in the winter though.

    If it were me I would go to Greece and/or Italy. I'm so excited to hear what you decide!

  6. Victoria Island in Canada

    London: I was SO excited to go to Paris, which is still Paris, but I would LOVE to return to London, it was FABULOUS, and I LOVED everything about it

  7. Vancouver in the summer is really great, Emily's right about that! I also was really wow'd by Mexico City. And Prague (but I think you may have already been there. If not ... GO!) Why don't you resurrect your Japan trip?