Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Even Though...

...I now have weeks of cursing the anti-shovelites when running, garage-less, mudroom-free house gets filled with dripping snow gear at the front door,

...I have to deal with both boys, inside, all day with no school break (as of writing this Tuesday night, I'm 98.6% sure school will be cancelled Wednesday),

...spring is that much further away,

...Marylanders will drive over ice and sand for a long time,

...Chuck is no longer let out of work at the drop of a flake (but I seem to be; go figure),

...the cold weather won't quickly melt it away,

maybe, just maybe, the snow is not all bad. Maybe.

P.S. This is the bag I'm going to make to replace the backpack. Fabric could arrive today!


  1. i think it looks fun! when life hands you snow, make snowballs, right? or something like that. how much did you end up getting?

    p.s. you look great in snow apparel, so that should be a plus, too. :)

  2. I'm jealous of all the snow you're getting this year! Last year in MD was so lame without a lot. BUT I must say Vegas winters are not so bad at all!

  3. Cutest pic ever! We need some sleds to use in our snow here. Glad you enjoyed it for a little bit ;)