Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mom and Dad Can Hardly Wait

I am going to be the first mom I know to admit it: I really dislike Christmas break. And if it weren't for Chuck taking off the entire break, I'm not sure I would have survived.

It was all the little things, you know? First, having two boys home all the time involved a lot of chaos. (Yeah, I get it. The mom of two kids is complaining on chaos. What a gas.) But it was chaotic for me. They are noisy and loud. They play with one toy bucket for about five minutes, leave it all on the floor, and then move to another bucket. After another five minutes, they move on to something else. It's non-stop mess making all day.

Can we talk about the kitchen? How about the amount of milk we go through when four people are home for breakfast every day? It was a lot. I don't know why this was so annoying, but it was. Also, with four people in the house for all three meals for the 14 or so days, we created a lot of dirty dishes. We ran the dishwasher every stinkin' day. Which then meant that we have to unload the dishwasher every stinkin' day. Related: With us all home for all those meals, there was a lot of cooking. This only added to our dishes.

I can't even imagine our energy usage. Lights on, heat going, showers/baths running, all the time.

Finally, we usually only have to worry about activity planning for Saturdays. But during this break, we had to find something to keep the kids entertained every day otherwise it would not go well. (All four of us had our fair share of tantrums.) And truth is, we're not that good at it, especially when it's cold outside. For Chuck and me, this was our break too and we didn't want to think about, nonetheless carry out, activities. We just wished the kids would play happily with their new Christmas toys. But apparently this was too much.

So when Rhett went back on a Thursday, only to have Friday off due to snow, you can guess I was devastated. Let's just leave it at this: I am now super afraid of summer.

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  1. I can relate; I feel like I spent the ENTIRE break cooking, cleaning, laundry, REPEAT!!! Now I KNOW we did some fun things in there too, which is GREAT, but it's exhausting……we like to refer to the "break" as "running the gauntlet" that's how I feel……Driving 500 miles and not going anywhere new, and eating, cleaning, eating, whining, eating, etc. Sorry the snow day came WAY too soon…'ll get better…..I THINK, I HOPE!!!! ;)