Monday, January 20, 2014

Does This Happen To You?

One day you decide you're done with your diaper bag. Done. Done toting all that junk around when all you really need is diapers and wipes. But because you're you, just buying a smaller replacement bag isn't enough. Oh no. You have to make something. Something for which you need new fabric. Fabric that is not found in local stores, oh no, fabric that had to be ordered. And until that fabric comes, and until you can make that bag, you despise the backpack you've been calling a diaper bag. You glare at it. It suddenly is your worst enemy.

What? This doesn't happen to you? Huh.


  1. awesome. you're awesome. no, it doesn't really happen to me. . . . i dream about making awesome things, but that's just about it.

  2. Still, the backpack DOES make the best type of diaper bag.... And once you make your dream bag... oh! It will be glorious!

  3. It's happened sooner with each child, I haven't carried a diaper bag since Conrad was 8 months!! I can't wait to see your awesome new bag, you have some serious skills!!