Friday, January 3, 2014

Homemade Christmas Gifts

First, although I didn't make these, I had to share. Didn't my sister do awesome?! The boys love them.

Library bags for my nieces, Emmy and Lucy.

This wasn't exactly Christmas, but close. My nephew Jonas was baptized in December and so he got this scripture bag.

Apron and chef's hat for Ollie.

Table runner for my sister and brother-in-law.

Ornaments for my parents. Man, gifts for parents are HARD. (Can you tell they are states? It took my mom some time.)

A shark apron for someone at Chuck's work.

Rhett's fort kit.

Drink sleeve for Rhett's teacher. (It's a pencil, but you can't really tell that from this picture.)

The boys' Christmas shirts.


  1. You are really AMAZING. I don't know where or how you find the time. So cute and creative, everyone of them.

  2. Man, you must be putting in more sewing hours than those child workers in Malaysia! So much stuff... and all adorable. (and I could tell they were states!)

  3. love it ALL. and it was no surprise that your state ornaments turned out way better than mine. :) you are just too good!

  4. Nice work! All of it looks awesome!

  5. You are so talented! They turned out so great! Where do you find the time?! I know you are more busy than I am- I can barley get ONE craft item done! Wonder woman!