Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Birthday, Part Me

I know it sounds depressing, but I had low expectations for this birthday. I mean, c'mon. I'm turning late-30s, it fell on a day-less-than-optimal for birthdays, I already had my fill of junk from Ollie's celebrating, and I have small children. How good could it be? And sadly, I was mostly right. I did wake up to it raining air heads (thanks, Chuck), but the boys began the fighting almost immediately. With Ollie's birthday the day before, they were still fighting over his birthday gifts. I did get to eat some Oh's cereal for breakfast and then have some yummy shrimp for dinner (which no one else but me ate, so hello leftovers!). And instead of the blueberry crumb pie I wanted, we had leftover cupcakes from Ollie's birthday. Also, I got tons of candy from friends, so that's good.

It should be stated that the only thing I was really sad about was the loss of the blueberry pie. But after a day at Hershey and then Ollie's birthday, I just didn't have it in me to make yet another pan of sugar. I think I found the solution, however: Celebrate my half birthday in February instead. I think it will work.

P.S. As of this morning, we've been swimming three times since buying the membership. Monday afternoon I tried swimming one length of the pool and guess what? Swimming is HARD. Like crazy hard. I could run a half-marathon tomorrow, but swim a full out-and-back lap in the pool? Nope. Good thing my triathlon goal is years away.


  1. Well your picture is cute if that's worth anything. Yeah, birthdays once you are in your 30s are pretty blah. Unless you're Ben and you get to decorate gingerbread houses every year on your birthday. :) At least it wasn't a horrible day?! Happy birthday!!!

  2. Doug loves Oh's too. Ollie's song was pretty great.

  3. Happy birthday! That is tough being the day after your son's. Of course you will make his super awesome and yours might fall short. Definitely do the half birthday I say!! Molly's is a week and a half after mine, but that's plenty long to enjoy both usually.
    And hello, we love Oh's here!! What a yummy cereal. And cheap too!

  4. Oh we should relay……I can swim, but run a 10K, I'm OUT. It'll get better…….just keep swimming, just keep swimming….ala Nemo!